Energy experts expect fuel prices to increase within days… How much?


Many citizens are waiting for the date of the Auto Fuel Pricing Committee meeting scheduled for this month to set new prices for gasoline and diesel in the second quarter of this year.

Many oil and energy experts and analysts expected prices to rise amid the rise in global oil prices after the war between Russia and Ukraine.

In this regard, Dr. Hussam Arafat, the former head of the Petroleum Products Directorate in the Federation of Trade and Industry, said that the new prices of gasoline and diesel are almost double the world oil prices. The exchange rate of the dollar in the previous period.

Arafat added that Egypt currently consumes 100 million barrels and 6 billion dollars of oil annually in its general budget, and a war broke out between Russia and Ukraine, which doubled global oil prices. At the present time in Egypt, but with an increase that is organized according to his vision. The political leadership is studying the spread of the new Corona virus.

Arafat added that all oil prices should be raised, but at different rates. Accordingly, the government decided to set the price of diesel, and now a large road network is being established that serves citizens by train, so the increase in the price of the diesel project that provides the service has been postponed, and there was a proposal by an Egyptian citizen.

Meanwhile, the oil expert, Medhat Youssef, the former deputy director of the Oil Department, revealed that the largest increase would not exceed 10% of the current prices, especially if prices in the global oil market fluctuated significantly.

On February 4, the Automatic Oil Pricing Committee decided to raise the price of all types of gasoline by 25 berths, and to keep the price of 95 gasoline, and the price of oil at 6.75 pounds per liter.

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