Human Resources reveals the new professions targeted by Emiratisation decisions


Saudi Human Resources Through it, Eng. Majed Al-Dhawi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development for Emiratisation and Empowerment of Women, revealed, during the “Yahla” program, the sectors targeted by the localization decisions.

HR identifies new professions that will be localized

In turn, Al-Dhawi said during the program: “Praise be to God, all economic indicators lead us to optimism and the plans of Vision 2030. We see its results on the ground, with an increase in the volume of employment as we witnessed during previous administrative reports.”

In this regard, he continued: “This year, we announced the roadmap for the localization decisions issued by the Ministry of Labor in the Kingdom, and we also launched developer cards, God willing, that will extend to increasing the localization rates in the coming years.”

In this regard, Al-Dhawi added: “We will also soon announce to the Ministry of Labor the rest of the several sectors targeted by Emiratisation decisions, namely the “media, consulting and entertainment” sectors, and some new professions, God willing, later.

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