New Zealand will reopen its borders to tourists from April 12


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced today, Wednesday, that she will reopen her country’s borders to tourists starting April 12.

The borders will be opened first to Australian tourists, before those from visa-exempt countries, including Germany, the United States and Britain, can arrive from May 1.

“We are ready to safely transition into a new chapter in our pandemic management,” Ardern said.

Visitors will need to be vaccinated and a negative coronavirus test result before departure, and will not need to be isolated on arrival, but will undergo two further tests for the virus during their time in New Zealand.

A broader opening to the rest of the world is likely to be offered from October, but that has yet to be announced.

New Zealand has had several plans to reopen its borders that have been delayed or changed during the pandemic. The country’s borders have been closed to nearly all visitors since March 2020.

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