New Zealand exempts electric cars from big tax package


New Zealand .. The feebate Govt confirms rebates for buyers of electric cars , but petrol car buyers will cop it ، Climate Change Minister James Shaw and Transport Minister Michael Wood reveal details of a rebate scheme for buyers of new and used electric and hybrid vehicles.

New Zealand supports the purchase of electric cars with a tax exemption

New Zealand authorities have decided to give electric car owners a significant exemption from the tax package that is paid when you buy a new vehicle, as drivers who buy new cars will be able to start from the beginning of next month.

From getting taxpayer-funded rebates of about $8,700 for each new electric or hybrid vehicle, and about $3,500 for used cars.

And newstalkzb reported that those who buy petrol cars will bear the cost under the government’s announced plan, as of January 2022.

Buyers of new gasoline-powered cars will have to pay a fee of up to $5,875, while those who buy newly imported used cars will face a fee of up to $2,875.

electric cars ..The fee, based on emissions generated by the vehicle, will add $2,900 to the cost of a new Toyota Hilux, $1,230 for a Kia Sportage and $830 for a Nissan Navara.

Low-emissions gasoline cars, such as the Toyota Rav 4 or the Suzuki Vitara, will not face any fees.

The government is offering rebates of up to $8,625 for each new electric vehicle and up to $5,750 for a plug-in hybrid vehicle, but not on vehicles that cost $80,000 or more. Vehicles must have at least a triple safety rating to be eligible.

Discounts of up to $3,450 will be given to those who purchase used electric vehicles and $2,300 for plug-in hybrids.

For his part, New Zealand Minister of Transport Michael Wood confirmed in a press statement that these government measures came due to New Zealand’s slow absorption of electric cars compared to most other countries.

“Our monthly electric vehicle registrations are nearly half the global average and sales are well below 50 percent of the monthly sales seen in some European countries,” Wood said in his remarks.

He emphasized that discounting low-emission vehicles financed by a fee on higher-emission vehicles is the best way to persuade people to invest in electric or hybrid vehicles.

“It’s a common policy abroad, it’s a recommendation by both the Climate Committee and the Production Committee, and supported by the likes of the Automobile Industry Association, it’s time to act with it,” the transport minister added in his remarks.

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