Good news: 14 decisions regarding immigrant workers and the labor market


The Council of Ministers issues 14 new items, regarding expatriates working in Saudi lands, and also specific to the Saudi labor market and free professions in all sectors, and the details are detailed in the following context.

The Council of Ministers issues 14 articles regarding expatriates and the Saudi labor market. Today, King Salman approved and ratified 14 new decisions, among the most prominent of these decisions are the Kingdom’s fees for expatriates, and the labor strategy that is implemented before the end of this year.

In the same context, today, the Saudi monarch chaired the session held by the Council of Ministers, from his position in the Peace Palace in Jeddah, through conference technology, and the Council of Ministers approved, according to the Saudi Press Agency, a number of important decisions.

The most prominent of them are the approval of the Professional Companies Law and the general strategy for the development of national tourism. Hence, the Council of Ministers decided a number of arrangements; It includes the approval of the initiative to establish and manage car parks in the locations identified by the Supervisory Committee for Privatization in the Municipal Sector.

And that was in the city of Riyadh (as an experiment) in the first phase, where the Council directed, and it has put forward the initiative of joint investment agreements for lands in partnership with the private sector, according to the revenue sharing model, and 5 public-private partnership projects to be distributed in the Makkah and Madinah regions, The Riyadh region, and the eastern region.

Experimentally on unused lands owned by the secretariats, and it was approved to propose a project for the construction and management of car parks in partnership with the private sector, and also the Council of Ministers decided.

That the state bears – for a period of 5 years – the financial compensation determined for expatriate workers, in accordance with paragraphs (1-a) and (2-a) of item (Second) of Cabinet Resolution No. (197) for industrial establishments licensed under an industrial license As of the beginning of next month, the Council also approved the general strategy for the development of national tourism.

Hence, after reviewing what was submitted by the Minister of Commerce and Investment and considering the decisions of the Shura Council and the two recommendations prepared by the Council of Economic and Development Affairs, the Professional Companies Law was approved.

The Cabinet decided to authorize discussions with the UAE side regarding draft memoranda of understanding in 7 fields, including the cultural field, health fields, insurance, and communications and information technology.

As well as the field of news exchange, and the field of space activities for peaceful purposes, and in the field of cybersecurity, and also, the Council of Ministers approved the promotion of Fouad bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Mulhim to the position of (Under Secretary for Construction and Projects) at the fourteenth rank in the Municipality of Al-Ahsa Governorate, where the Council decided to appoint Fahd Bin Hassan Al Akran.

And two members bin Muhammad Al-Ahmari, two members of opinion and experience in the board of directors of the Saudi Press Agency, and the appointment of Salman bin Youssef Al-Dosari, and Muhammad bin Fahd Al-Harthy, as two members of opinion and experience in the Board of Directors of the Radio and Television Authority.

The Council of Ministers decided to add the Governor of Hafr Al-Batin Governorate to the membership of the Council of the Eastern Region Development Authority. Hence, the Council of Ministers delegated the Minister of Interior – or his representative.

By discussing with the Indonesian side, the draft agreement for the extradition of wanted persons between the government of the Kingdom and the government of Indonesia, signing it, and then submitting the final signed copy, to complete the regular procedures, and also the Council authorized the Minister of Interior.

or his representative – to discuss with the Chinese side a draft cooperation agreement between the government of the Kingdom and the government of the Republic of China; In the field of combating the illicit trafficking and smuggling of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and chemical precursors.

And sign it, and then upload the final signed copy, to complete the regular procedures, and in turn, the Council of Ministers agreed.

On a memorandum of understanding between the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Financial Services Authority and the Financial Supervisory Authority of the Republic of Korea for joint cooperation in the field of supervision of financial institutions, where the Council of Ministers authorized the Secretary General of the Department of King Abdulaziz in charge – or his representative.

Discussing with the Tunisian side a draft memorandum of cooperation between the King Abdulaziz Foundation in the Kingdom and the Tunisian National Library in the Republic of Tunisia, signing it, and then submitting the final signed copy, to complete the legal procedures.

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