UAE provides free visas for a large number of nationalities valid for five years


UAE provides free visas for some nationalities ، The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship in the UAE has allowed foreigners to apply for a tourist visa for a period of five years, specifying four requirements for it: a bank statement for the last six months with a balance of (4000) dollars or its equivalent in foreign currencies in the past six months, health insurance, and a copy of Passport and color photograph.

UAE provides free visas for some nationalities

The authority stated that this tourist visa is available to individuals of all nationalities, according to which the individual obtains an entry permit for several trips for a period of five years, provided that he stays in the country for a period not exceeding 90 days in one year – the calculation of the year (first, second until fifth) starts from the date of First entry into the country using this visa.

UAE provides free visas ، In the event that a person wishes to extend the annual period of stay in the country for more than 90 days and for a period not exceeding 180 days, he can submit a request to extend the period of residence within the Emirates, according to the Emirates Today newspaper.

It called on applicants for this visa on its website to ensure that the data is correct while filling in all the fields, especially the profession, the mother’s name, the phones used, the email if any, and the address, knowing that the transaction will be rejected if an error is discovered in those fields.

How to renew a residence visa in the UAE

1- The method of renewing the residence visa in the UAE for all and all residents After the expiry of the residence visa for non-UAE nationals, the sponsor must speed up its renewal for those on his sponsorship during the specified visa renewal period to avoid any penalties or legal consequences.

2- Duration of stay for foreigners residing in the UAE: According to the country’s legislation, the General Administration of Residents and Foreigners (GDRFA) provides a grace period of 30 days for legal stay in the UAE after the expiry of the residence visa.

3- A fine for not renewing the residence permit in the UAE: According to the residency penalties system in the UAE, the penalty for staying in the country after the end of the grace period or not renewing the residence permit is: 25 dirhams per day for the first six months (180 days), and 50 dirhams per day for the months The next six, and 100 dirhams per day after a year or more.

4- The procedure to be followed in the event of the expiry of the residence visa in the UAE: According to the state’s legislation, with the expiration of the residence visa for foreigners, the identity card also expires and the initiative must be extended before applying for an extension of the residence permit, in accordance with the law.

5- The method of renewing the residence visa before its expiry date: If the customer has reasons that require it to be extended before the residence visa expires from one to six months for a number of reasons, including travel, health or other reasons, he must obtain prior permission from the administration General residence, and for foreigners in the emirate that issued the visa.

The labor attaché added that in order to renew the residence visa in the UAE, the same conditions are required for issuing the visa for the first time, whether the residents are sponsoring their families or sponsoring a work visa.

Basic requirements to renew residence permit: sponsor with valid residency, pass a mandatory fitness test for those over 18, health insurance card, which is currently only mandatory in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, federal identity card renewal, citizenship, customs, and port security administration (ICA).

As for the papers and documents required to apply for a residence visa renewal in the UAE, the application form is submitted online or through licensed typing offices to the General Department of Residents and Foreigners Affairs in the concerned emirate, the passport of the sponsored, and a personal photo of the sponsor.

Regarding the residence sponsorship for private sector employees, the sponsoring company must submit the following additional documents in order to be able to extend the employee’s residence permit: a copy of the current establishment card, a copy of the current business license of the establishment, a copy of the duly up-to-date sponsored work card, and a copy of the card renewal receipt Work for people aged 60 and over.

For sponsors of their families and families, such as: husband or wife, children, parents, siblings (first and second degree relatives), the following additional documents must be submitted upon renewal, a copy of the spouse’s employment contract or the company contract if the sponsor is an investor or an employer, A salary certificate from the employer showing the employee’s monthly salary.

An official and attested marriage certificate if the sponsorship is for the wife, a registered home rental contract for the sponsor, and the last water and electricity bill for the sponsor’s residential property.

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